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Mud Jacking & Polyurethane Foam

Raisin’ Concrete of Saskatoon offers mud jacking and polyurethane foam services for raising residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal applications. We are sure to offer free estimates and guarantee quality, professional workmanship every time. Our processes are ½ the cost of entire replacements – give us a call if you notice your concrete is sinking!

Mud Jacking

Mud jacking utilizes a hydraulically powered pump to add a slurry mix underneath your concrete slab to compact the weak soil underneath. The slurry is a wet mix of water, fly ash, top soil, sand, clay, lime, and cement. This will then raise, or jack, the slab up higher. This process ultimately works to keep concrete slabs from sinking into the ground, or general concrete settling that could cause further issues in the future.

Concrete settles because the stability of concrete slabs is directly proportional to the quality of the base it is poured on. Often times, poor base conditions are the result of poor or improper compaction of the base, traffic vibrations, erosion, and weather.

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam

HMI supplies us with patented, top quality polyurethane foam materials that allow us to provide you with extensive, professional concrete raising. The foam we use is created from a variety of recycled components, and sets high standards in overall quality. This foam has been formulated with precision to be used for applications such as lifting, high density lifting, stabilization, and undersealing.

Polyurethane foam from HMI features fast and aggressive expansion to lift concrete slabs. There is only a 15 minute final cure time, where we adjust your concrete to suit your exact needs. This is a long lasting solution that repairs sunken or mobile concrete slabs.

To request either of these services to rescue your concrete from the depths of the earth, give Raisin’ Concrete a call! If you would like more information about mud jacking or polyurethane foam, please visit There you can read up on the process and different materials we utilize within our business. Let us know how we can help!

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